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YOU have the power: Address over-development: VOTE

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

By Kindra Muntz

Maybe developers in 1920 were a force for good in Sarasota County, but developers in 2020 are bulldozing the rest of it, creating cookie-cutter housing developments, traffic nightmares, and sticking us with the bill.

Under current County Commissioners, developers pay 47.5% LESS than needed in mobility impact fees for roads for new developments, and we must pay the rest. How does that happen? Developers pour thousands of dollars into campaigns of current Commissioners to make millions in return. No wonder people all over the county are speaking out at Commission meetings in opposition.

With single member districts for electing County Commissioners—passed by Republicans, Democrats and Independents in 2018--we can change that.

THREE districts are up for election in 2020. Find your district at Citizens for District Power.

Remember, it takes THREE commissioners on the County Commission to get anything done.

Unless you want to keep installing developer-backed candidates, please consider these candidates:

District 1 (Sarasota): Mark Pienkos

In addition to a career as school district superintendent in Wisconsin, Pienkos was twice elected alderman and President of his local Police and Fire Commission. He is VP for Public Relations of the Polish American Congress. Pienkos is an elected board member of the Meadows Homeowners Association. He brings skills and dedication to every position. He is fiscally conservative. He listens to the people. He will serve District 1 well.

District 3 (Venice): Cory Hutchinson

Hutchinson’s work as a career counselor in Venice gives him broad connections with families, businesses and organizations. He is President of the Mental Health Non-Profit Holly’s Hope and Chair of the Charter Review Board of North Port. His Masters Degree in Business Administration is excellent grounding for the work of the County Commission. He brings the skills of a millennial with the vision of a life-long resident working for the good of people in his district and all Sarasota County.

District 5 (North Port) Alice White

Alice White has lived in North Port for 30 years, served on Advisory Boards, helped write North Port’s Comprehensive Plan, and fought for an amendment to the State Cottage Food Law to protect her home business. She could help your home business and small business as well! White founded the non-profit 501(c)3 People for Trees that for over 20 years has installed Florida-friendly landscapes at North Port schools, Post Office, YMCA, and trees all along North Salford Boulevard. She knows North Port. She cares. She is well qualified to be your County Commissioner in District 5.

Let’s work together if we are truly concerned about traffic, neighborhoods, environment, over-development, taxes!, sewage spills, and Red Tide which affects our beaches, waters, the very air we breathe, tourism, our jobs, and our future. These candidates live in their districts and know the people. They care about their communities, and the sustainability of the economy, the environment, and quality of life for all. They will serve you well as your County Commissioners. They deserve your vote.

For more about the election, see the October issue of Critical Times.

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