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These PACs want to buy your vote

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Dennis Maley traces the bottomless streams of money coming from developers like Carlos Beruff to PACs that support the agenda of growth. Rampant growth brings wealth to Beruff, but it comes at huge cost to the people of Florida.

A few snippets from Maley's story, followed by an infographic:

Through a convoluted network of PACs, local developers and landholders have funded an enormous war chest they plan to use to ensure they continue to see friendly faces across the dais when they go before the local governments that they routinely ask to allow them to ignore the rules in service of the bottom line. For a look at the convoluted web of dark money, check out this dizzying infographic compiled by TBT publisher Joe McClash. Hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers Carlos Beruff and Neal family and landholders like the Cox family and the McClures flow through large PACs like MAGA, Conservative PAC, and Trump Committee into others, such as Citizens Alliance for Florida's Economy, which has targeted Bower and for which Pedicini is listed as a registered agent.

Maley writes about Manatee, but the Developer-Driven Dark Money Slush Fund for candidates operates at full bore in Sarasota as well.

A few of the many stories below in Sarasota County:

A cosy world of money, growth, power, and greed

Bundled Cash for Detert - courtesy of the Sarasota News Leader

Local Dark Money - Cathy Antunes tracks PACs and the developers who use them

From Local Dark Money:

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