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Vote to keep one commissioner per district

LTE to Herald Tribune 2.5.22

I received a text from an unidentifiable source expressing knowledge that my March 8 ballot had been mailed and urging me to “Vote YES to keep schools great and YES to ensure all local electeds are accountable to you.”

An unknown source has access to my phone number, knows when ballots are mailed and is working to see that county commissioners succeed in this purposely confusing election.

A very clever strategy to couple this controversial single-member district issue with the widely popular school tax in a predictably low turnout election!

How many other voters were texted this innocuous-sounding directive to ensure “electeds” are accountable, when the exact opposite is the case?

Voting to change county representation away from single-member districts removes all political pressure, making commissioners answerable to no one entity and thus without responsibility to a constituency. This issue is being intentionally misrepresented to the voters (who approved single-member districts in 2018).

Retain the right to representation by a commissioner responsible to you. On March 8, vote “No” on the charter amendment to change county commission elections to countywide voting.

Linda Roe Dickinson, Sarasota

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