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SKC Board supports a “NO” vote on the Charter Referendum

February 15, 2022

In the March 8 election, Sarasota voters will decide whether to keep Single Member Districts for electing the five County Commissioners.

In 2018, over 60% of Sarasota’s residents voted for Single Member Districts for electing County Commissioners. Recently, those same County Commissioners voted to place a referendum on the March 8 ballot to return the County to At-Large Districts.

The Board of the Siesta Key Coalition believes that the Single Member District electoral system should be left in place for the upcoming 2022 election to determine the effectiveness of this approach. A “NO” vote will retain Single Member Districts. A “YES” vote will return the district to At-Large election of Commissioners.

We recommend a “NO” vote on this issue.

Mid-term referendums have a historically low voter turn-out, which could affect the outcome. We urge you to vote!

You can vote by one of three ways:

• Vote by Mail. You can request a vote-by-mail ballot online at Such requests must be made before 26 February 2022 and the ballot most reach the election offices before 8 March.

• Early voting will be available from February 26 to March 6 at several locations.

• Vote in person on 8 March at your local precinct.

For full information on the election and a sample ballot go to

Board of Directors

Siesta Key Coalition

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