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Siesta Key Group Supports Single Member Districts

On December 7, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to place a Single-member district referendum on the ballot again during the March 2022 special election. In 2018, sixty-percent of voters chose single-member districts, and a recent Sarasota County conducted survey reaffirmed that choice. At the BCC meeting, 25 of 26 citizens who addressed the Board supported single-member districts and spoke against holding another referendum to try to overturn them. This is the editorial the Sarasota Herald-Tribune published before the BCC meeting that calls for maintaining the “Single Member Districts”. The Board of the SKCC agrees with this position on this issue re our Siesta Key

Managers/Presidents: Please post on your bulletin boards and ensure your Board of Directors/Residents receive a copy of this notice. Also, if you have the email capability, please send to your Condo Ownership for their participation in this important issue.

Please click this link for a download of a copy for printing or distribution by email to your board/residents.

[Editor's note: To support Single Member Districts, Vote NO on March 8 - the developer-driven Board of County Commissioners wants you to vote Yes, which would repeal SMDs.]

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