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Republican Moral Compass bears scrutiny, says prominent Sarasota County Republican

A letter shared by Deborah Bloom Anderson of Venice, Fl

As a member of the Sarasota County Republican Executive Committee I am greatly disappointed with my party’s limitless efforts to eliminate single member districts.

Frankly none of their arguments makes sense. Voter suppression? What about suppressing the votes of the majority of residents who overwhelmingly approved single member districts? The need to keep a Democrat off the County Commission? The County Commission has already shown a willingness to do this with its partisan redistricting. Moreover, the issues that come before the Commission are local in nature (development, taxes, infrastructure, traffic) as opposed to partisan. Lastly Democrat (or slow growth Republican) candidates are already disadvantaged fighting the developer dark money machine.

And that’s the crux of the issue. The truth is single member districts allow candidates who are not supported by limitless developer money to have a fighting chance of being elected. Running in a smaller area allows them to use their limited financial contributions to greater effect. It’s cheaper to send mailers or provide yard signs to one fifth of the county. It’s also easier for them to reach voters on a personal level with door-to-door campaigning and neighborhood meet and greets.

As a lifelong Republican, I am personally embarrassed to see my party perpetuate developers’ stranglehold on civic institutions in this county. I ask my party to re-examine their moral compass and concentrate on improving the lives of all residents based on traditional Republican values.

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