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Ready to step up?

Are you ready to step up?  You can file to be a Precinct Captain in your neighborhood.You need to file this FORM with the Supervisor of Elections by NOON on June 12th to qualify.

Remember, there is still time to qualify to run for local office.  

Charter Review Board - Free Running Seats

The Charter Review Board (CRB) is an elected body of 10 members, two members from each of the five county commission districts, who serve staggered terms of four years.The Charter Review Board reviews and proposes changes to the Sarasota County Charter which are submitted to referendum in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of the Charter. They serve without compensation. The CRB meets two or three times a year. Here's the agenda for that meeting. The main business is a proposed change to citizen amendments to the Charter, requiring citizens to come before the CRB before it goes to the County. This proposal has been under the management of CRB member James Gabbert. Below is their last meeting from Jan. 15, 2020.

There is no fee to file to run for this seat. You can learn more here

Hospital Board  $25 filing fee

There are 10 seats on the Hospital Board and they are all held by Republicans. There are 4 positions up for election on the Sarasota County Hospital Board. Hospital districts are different than County Commission Districts. See map of districts here. 

Learn more about the Hospital Board here. If you have a business background, experience managing large budgets, or health care experience, please consider running for the Hospital Board. There is a $25 filing fee for this seat.

You can request a candidate packet from the Supervisor of Elections office if you are interested in learning more - 941-861-8600.

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