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Put citizens back in control

Our elected officials have been bought and controlled by land developers and special interests who seek to profit at any cost at the Citizen’s expense:

                         All data compiled by Superintendent of Elections, Sarasota County

We complain about the same problems every year; traffic congestion, overflowing sewage being dumped into our waterways, red tide, shrinking school resources, teachers that are not paid enough, and runaway development. Where is all the money going?

It is our elected officials who give tax breaks and direct handouts to their developer benefactors.They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to plant their people in our Commission and School Board. They also control the Planning Commission and

The Charter Review Board, and now the Commissioners now want to sit in on the government procurement process that awards tens of millions of dollars in government contracts. Guess who will get the contracts? They do not spend this money unless they are getting a significant return.

This is our money that should be used for the Citizens of Sarasota, not given to the developers for the favor of bankrolling political campaigns. Why aren’t the impact fees at 100%?

Developers had a record month in August, why are they not paying their fair share? Why are subdivisions being built on toxic land? Why did Commissioners Moran and Maio try to put a 15-acre dump next to the Celery Fields? Why are our water treatment system, roads, and infrastructure not being adequately funded and repaired? Because the money is being given to developers who control our local government by the elected officials they bankrolled into office.

We have a chance to put the Citizens back in control of our Sarasota County Board of Commissioners by electing three non-developer backed candidates this election. Regardless of party, this corruption must be rooted out. We can do this. We deserve better.

Look up campaign contribution here:

When you get a campaign mailer or see a commercial, find out which developer dark money PAC is funding the candidate here.

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