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LTE: Pick candidates who favor rational growth

Letter to the Editor - Herald Tribune, 1.14.22

I applaud the writer of the thoughtful letter, “Once-beautiful city crowded, overbuilt,” in your Jan. 10 edition.

Most rational people would agree that we can’t continue uncontrolled growth without corresponding infrastructure improvements. Even then, there is the reality of limited space for road expansion, especially downtown and on the keys.

While it could be a creative solution to the worst of our traffic problems, I’m guessing we’re not ready for an over-the-bay highway running from Siesta Drive to 10th Street.

To the homeowners who believe they have limited input on building height and density, the problem is the audience (both city and county commissioners), not the taxpaying citizens who prefer to go about their lives without being held prisoner by traffic gridlock.

Have we forgotten that commissioners are put in office by voters, not developers? No matter how much money the special interests pump into local elections, it’s votes, not dollars that determine who serves us.

Livability is the most important issue for the majority of Sarasotans, and it is being slowly eroded by the very people who should be protecting us. We deserve candidates who support measured and rational growth. And we need to vote for them.

Elliott Himelfarb, Sarasota

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