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LTE: Politicians should listen to the people

Letter to the Editor, Herald Tribune 1.18.22

I was disappointed to hear that Siesta Key won’t be allowed to vote to incorporate (“Siesta Key incorporation dies,” Jan. 5).

Not only will residents be unable to protect their quality of life, but this issue is emblematic of bigger problems in our area and in the state. The wishes of the people aren’t taking precedence.

The people want responsible development and less traffic. We want the environment to be protected so seagrass isn’t dying, causing record numbers of manatee deaths. We don’t want gopher tortoises, whose burrows provide homes for numerous species, to take a back seat to developers.

The people want our water sources protected, and we don’t want businesses like Mosaic being allowed to expand so they can continue to mismanage their toxic wastewater and pollute our waterways. We certainly don’t want their radioactive discharge injected into deep water wells.

Time and time again our public officials promote policies that allow developers and businesses to run roughshod over their constituents.

But enough is enough: It’s time to vote out the politicians who’ve been in office too long and vote for new officials who will honor the wishes of the people. Please follow what is happening at the local and state level and consider running for office if you want to remedy the situation.

Laraine Bortner, Venice

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