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LTE: Don’t be fooled by political propaganda

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

LTE to Herald Tribune 2.13.22

Gauzy television ads and full-color mailers by the “Sun Coast Alliance” are urging Sarasota County voters to overturn our 2018 election results on March 8.

Who is Sun Coast Alliance? Why is it spending so much money on us?

Sun Coast Alliance is a Tallahassee political action committee that recently received $100,000 from something called “Serious Conservatives.” Who might its donors be? That information is “confidential.”

No surprise there. In 2018, Sarasota voted overwhelmingly to replace our antiquated, countywide system of electing county commissioners with single-member districts: Each district elects its own commissioner, the same way we elect state and federal representatives.

We voted for this change because we understand that a countywide voting system guarantees continued control of our commission by developers and large-money interests. Witness Siesta Key.

In 50-plus years, not one Democrat or independent has been elected to the commission.

The commissioners, outraged by the voters expressing their will, have forced another wasteful vote. And groups like “Serious Conservatives” and “Sun Coast Alliance” are doing their bidding.

Do not be deceived by the disingenuous propaganda you are receiving. Vote “no” on the charter amendment that seeks to reimpose the system we rejected four years ago.

Barbara J. Katz, Longboat Key

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