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Bloc Voting puts the same olds back on the CRB

A huge round of applause, tho' sadly not congratulations, for all who stepped up to challenge the entrenched, developer-selected membership of the Charter Review Board (CRB).

A few years back, Bob Waechter, who takes a huge interest

in making sure the Charter Review Board does nothing for the citizens, suggested it no longer be elected. He feared some insanely rational person might get elected to it, and skew its pro developer votes.

Little did he need to fear.

In the wake of the recent 11.02.20 election, all 10 seats are filled by eager Republican beavers, ready to do what it takes to ensure that citizens will never have the option of amending their home rule Charter.

As has been the case with the Planning process, the Planning Commission, ,the County Commission itself, the only agenda is that of growth, driven by developer dollars.

If evidence were lacking that Sarasota County is controlled by a self-interested machine using all the mechanisms of power to drive its growth agenda, here it is.

Under the official and unofficial leadership of James Gabbert and Robert Waechter, the CRB has recently done nothing but plot to constrict the CITIZENS' right to amend their own self-rule County CHARTER.

Why would voting citizens vote for a Board that limits their political rights? Because there is a giant bloc of voters, a massive bloc that never looks at issues or candidates. This is the unthinking voter, voting by dictation.

This is the power of the Sarasota Machine:

Deep gratitude and admiration to Krista Lohr, #DoreenDupont, Mary Ellen Palermo, Wilson Andres Pava, #anthonydunbar, and congrats to Alexandra Coe who prevailed in District 1.


More on the Charter Review Board here.

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