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LTE: Ballot question designed to confuse voters

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

LTE to Herald Tribune 2.8.22

The correct answer to the charter amendment on countywide voting is “no.” Why then does the question on the March 8 ballot go out of its way to confuse?

What is the ruse? Why the deception? Why did the Sarasota County commissioners feel compelled to write a question designed to lead voters toward their presupposed outcome?

Commissioners seek to circumvent our vote with their craftily worded ballot question, seeking to gain advantage by slanting the written word in favor of countywide representation, as if that is the favorable outcome. Shameful.

In 2018, 60% of voters in Sarasota County approved single-member districts. People want commissioners accountable to their communities. Reversal is not the answer.

Keep single-member districts, in which the best person to represent you can be elected. Keep the single-member districts you have already approved.

Please vote. Voting is critical to save single-member districts in this off-cycle election: A “no” vote on the charter amendment is a vote for neighborhoods.

Charlie Nagelschmidt, Sarasota

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