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At-large commissioners less accountable

LTE to Herald Tribune 12.18.21 Susan Herring

In response to a Dec. 14 letter listing the reasons for voting against single-member districts: The author hasn’t considered the real reason why our county commissioners want to nullify our previous votes.

When commissioners represent one district, they need to be accountable to the needs of that district. When they serve countywide, they are less (not more) accountable and have a history, too often, of ignoring individual districts’ needs with little repercussion.

We who voted for single-district county commissioners knew exactly what we were voting for, despite what the current commissioners would have you believe. I think it is more likely that the commissioners are concerned about their vulnerability come the next election because they didn’t consider the input from their district constituents, especially the commissioners who represent Siesta Key and the project at Stickney Point Road and 41.

Susan Herring, Sarasota

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