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Anderson LTE: Ignore flyer, vote to keep single districts

LTE in Herald Tribune 2.15.22

I want to congratulate Ms. Barbara J. Katz on her thoughtful letter regarding the “Sun Coast Alliance” and its attempt to influence Sarasota County voters (“Don’t be fooled by political propaganda,” Feb. 10).

There were two addresses on the postcard I received from this group.

The main address is in Tallahassee, which I traced to a two-person consulting firm that provides lobbying services. This firm also appears to have ties to the Republican Party of Florida. The second address is a P.O. Box at the UPS Store on Bee Ridge Road, in Sarasota.

Please ignore the Sun Coast Alliance’s recommendation regarding the charter amendment on the March 8 ballot. Vote “No” to keep our single-member district system for electing county commissioners.

William Anderson, Sarasota

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