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Mike Moran - Issues and Actions 

Serving our community or not?

In 2014, however, Mike Moran—who would join the county commission two years later as Beruff’s favored candidate—successfully steered it through the planning commission under the logic that fellow commissioners who believed that the land was toxic but did not believe enough testing had been presented to demonstrate so conclusively, should still recommend approval, despite being informed by the county attorney’s office of the broad leeway the commission had when it came to public health issues.

Foxfire Subdivision on previous landfill

January 15, 2020: 11:37 a.m. Board Action:  Moved to provide a letter of commitment to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in support of $20,000,000.00 along with suggested funding allocations for promotions and to be presented to the Tourist Development Council for further discussion before coming back to the Board for final approval.  Moved by Moran, seconded by Ziegler, carried by a 5-0.

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