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District 5


District 5 Issues



As the County and City officials approve new developments on the eastern part of the county, the number of cars heading west has substantially increased causing gridlock during season and traffic headaches off season.

Future River Rd widening from 2 to 4 lanes from US41 to I 75 will aid in evaculation.

City Tax Rate
The city tax rate increased, coupled with the opening of the Aquatic Center that is scheduled to operate at a deficit every year.


Development is not paying for itself. It costs the city about $1.25 to provide $1 worth of services to city residents.


Chemical Spray
Concerns about Public works spraying canals and ditches with herbicides.

Points of Interest

Englewood Sports Complex

Manasota Key Beach

Blind Pass Beach



Neighborhoods and Homeowners' Associations
  • Englewood

  • Manasota Key



  • Heron Creek

  • Bobcat Trail

  • Cypress Falls

  • Charleston Park



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