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Ron Cutsinger - as Planning Commissioner and County Commissioner

Serving our community or not?


July 17, 2020

Feb. 4, 2016- voted "yes" for a Comp. Plan Amendment (CPA) Critical Area Plan to approve the "Beachwalk Preserve" development that would bring in 325 homes, 3.5/acre. Located on S River Rd. next to the Paul Morris Industrial Park.  Was previously zoned  for "MEC", Major Employment Center, changed to Residential, Moderate Density.  (River Road still remains two lanes.)

Oct. 20, 2016

Voted for the text amendment laying the ground for Gabbert's recycling dump on Palmer Boulevard by the Celery Fields:  Approved of text amendment reducing the requisite size of dumps from 35 acres to 15 acres.


July 11, 2019- voted "yes" to rezone from Open Use, Estate to Residential, Single-Family, 2.5 units/acre for land south and east of SR 681 and west of Honore Ave. (When the extension of Honore Ave. was first proposed, it was to create another north/south road for EXISTING development, whereas now it appears to have been done to accommodate ADDITIONAL development, compromising the intent of the original plan that was proposed.)

7/7/16- Approved request by Att. Jeff Boone to waive requirement to hold a neighborhood workshop within 9 months of the Public Hearing (regarding a rezoning or land-use change issue)


Approved rezoning of 16.04 acres on Clark Rd. from Open use to RSF-2 increasing density to 3/5 units per acre from one unit per acre


8/18/16- Approved the rezone for 78 acres Palmer Blvd./Iona Petition 16-11, Open Use to Residential

Approved the Iona "Gap Road" although there is no connectivity to Fruitville


7/11/19- Approved rezone, along SR681 from Open Use to RSF, going from one unit per acre to 2.5 units per acre.

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