About CDP

Who are we?  We are a group of concerned citizens of Sarasota County.  We are Republicans, Democrats and Independents that feel our county government no longer cares to represent the people.

Sarasota County has five voting districts.  In the past we all voted for all commissioners.  In 2018 by amendment voters decided that each district will elect its own commissioner (Single Member Districts).  Now we have leverage.

Knowledge + Action = Power


This site will provide you with key information about the candidates and issues in the 2020 election.

It is our hope that with this information in one place, the voters will choose a commissioner who truly represents the public interest while in office.

Citizens for District Power Mission Statement:

CDP is a non-partisan group of Sarasota County residents whose goals support:

•    direct representation and accountability endorsed by the 2018 voter mandate for Board of County Commission Single-Member Districts;

•    local governance that serves the greater public interest over special interests;

•    growth and development in Sarasota County compatible with surrounding neighborhoods and natural assets;

•    a County Charter built on citizen participation; and

•    a Comprehensive Plan that enhances our quality of life.