Single Member Districts Changed Everything. 
Sarasota's voters now are empowered to choose candidates on the basis of merit, not by how much developer money they spend on direct mail blurbs. This nonpartisan website has resources about all commission candidates, and the key issues - countywide and district-specific - and much more. Have a look around:

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   Sarasota County has five voting districts.  In the past we all voted for all commissioners.  In 2018 by Charter Amendment voters decided that each district will elect its own commissioner (Single Member Districts). 

   Voters will be closer to their elected representative on issues of importance.     

   Commissioners will be accountable to the voters in their district while responding to the public interests of the entire county.

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We the People have a right to be heard.
Our charter form of county government gives power to citizens, and with it an opportunity and responsibility to engage.

Join with us to learn how we can make a difference in the 2020 elections for Districts 1, 3, and 5.  All elections matter and let's be thinking beyond.  Get involved today!

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The Charter Review Board is powerful, and is made up of elected members. The function of the Charter Review Board is to place recommendations for amending the Charter on a ballot for an up or down vote by county voters. In this way, the CRB is able to give voters a say in how their county government is set up.  How you vote for these members matters!

Now that we have them, let's use them! Read about the fight for SMD!